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Children and the world of fairy tales Comments

Children and the world of fairy tales

Children are fascinated by everything around them. As you discover new words and feelings such as anger, joy or fear, little ones will want to know more and more new things. And the stage of stories and heroes of this wonderful world cannot be missed. At the age of one year, sometimes even earlier, the child will be interested in brightly colored bookcases.

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Myopia in children Information

Myopia in children

Myopia is one of the most known eye defects and often occurs in children. Most manifest a progressive form of myopia, which worsens in childhood. But this refractive defect can be corrected with appropriate glasses and up to 20 years can completely heal it. What are the causes of myopia?

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Prices for harvesting and storing stem cells In detail

Prices for harvesting and storing stem cells

Stem cell harvesting and storage has also become a service requested in Romania by more and more parents eager to provide their children with a long and happy life. The stem cell banking market has undergone a remarkable development in recent years, which has caused the rates to vary in the conditions of increased competitiveness.

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How to get rid of dry or productive cough Ware

How to get rid of dry or productive cough

Do you mind coughing at the office, meeting your business partner, having dinner with your family? Do you drown every time you calculate budgets? Starting today, the Meltus syrup range will also be available online, through an improved platform with a fast and economical purchasing mechanism, but also through the support provided through helpful information for your entire family.

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Christina Aguilera became a mom Ware

Christina Aguilera became a mom

Singer Christina Aguilera, 27 years old and her husband Jordan Bratman, became parents on Saturday. The singer was born in Los Angeles, a boy of 2 kilograms and 700 grams, which they decided to call Max Liron Bratman. The two said they were very happy and that the day their first child came into the world was a wonderful day.

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Appetizers In detail


Ingredients Ingredients 1/2 kg cheese or case of fresh sheep, 50-100 ml beer, 100 ml sour cherry, 4-5 Sardines, cumin, onion, salt. Method of preparation Brinza is chopped with a fork, the house is passed through the chopping machine, the beer, the cherry, the sardines, a teaspoon of ground chopped cumin and the onion are added; the composition is well mixed and salted to taste.

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